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Available Warrior Macros Warrior Self Healing Draenei Warrior Self Healing Equip 2 x 2 Hander One Key Battle Stance/Charge/Overpower Shield Wall Retaliation/Recklessness/Shield Wall Bladestorm Start/End Defensive/Sword and Board Berserker/2 Hander Intervene Intercept/Intercept Focus Charge/Intercept Charge/Intercept Hamstring Easy Overpower Single Button Stances Fear/Bandage Self Healing Pummel/Shield Bash Spell Reflection Spell Reflection and Back To Berseker Disarm Execute/Heroic Strike – This is a simple macro for when your Titan’s Grip specced that will equip both your 2h weapons in the right hand again even if you have a shield or another weapon set equiped.