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Then he lies some more and says he’s settled things with Tara. He tells her, “I want to be husband to you now.” Oh, wow. She starts off by telling him she’s not going to sue him for the money her bullshit music didn’t make which must come as a relief to Rich. Seems she wants to talk about her love life with him because they were such “dope” friends. She’s trying to tell us that the moment she has a relationship everyone else gets all concerned and wants to know about it and gets in her business — we know the real truth which is her P. “team” is pushing out the rumors about her to get her covered. Rich tells her her “career is predicated on who you are” and that’s always gonna mess up her relationships. And somehow, now, she’s hooked on to Shad Gregory Moss — y’know, Lil’ Bow Wow, now that’s he’s grown with a “secret kid” Bow Wow — who hasn’t had a hit or anything serious going down in years. We know Erica is desperate, but I didn’t Richie D was equally desperate. The old-ass b*tch goes to apologize to Chink, realizing that when you’re old enough to be a man’s grandmother, you need to STFU. She complains about him spending time in the studio. How this is going to happen to someone who hasn’t been fertile since Hammer Time, heaven only knows! I guess I’m the only one that thinks an alleged felon doesn’t make a good baby daddy, or even decent genes. Not to worry — she’s getting pregnant during the flight of the pigs scenario that will happen any day now.