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3 things seem to matter in this game: your look, your sex points, your amount of money. Here is the formula that uses the game to determine how many money you can win: set income= set scenario ((quality total fame *2)/3) Then the real "set income" is between 1*(set income) and 1.2*(set income) based on luck with quality total = quality camera look*10 quality extra Value of "set scenario": Masturbating teen: 50 Hungry for more: 80 Naughty schoolgirl: 370 Boyfriend's birthday: 500 Seduced by a girl: 680 Call girl for a lady: 850 Time for a dessert: 950 My final exam: 850 Infidel wife: 1880 Dirty tricks: 2400 Bad housemaid: 2300 A night to remember: 4100 quality of the camera: 100 for the default camera 1000 for the second 2000 for the best.